Tenant Resources

Here we provide some important information regarding tenant vehicle updates, parking policies, maintenance requests and more. Also see our FAQ below for answers to some more commonly asked questions.

As always, please feel free to contact us during business hours at 814-470-7083, or anytime at max@lovemytownhouse.com.

Tenant FAQ

1What are the restrictions on dogs?
We don’t restrict dogs by size, but do limit the number of pets to two per unit. If your dog is considered a dangerous breed, then we might ask for a Dog interview. Dogs are only permitted in dog friendly buildings but cats are allowed in all buildings.
2What are your income and credit score requirements?
We look for applicants with credit scores over 675 and income thresholds where no more than 30% of gross income is required for rental payments. Other debt obligations are considered as well.
3Do all of your leases end in August?
No, we have leases that end throughout the year.
4Do you have a Military Lease Addenda?
Yes, we do!
5What happens if I have to break my lease during the rental period?
We don’t allow subletting but will do everything we can to find a new tenant for your unit so that we can end your financial obligation as quickly as possible. Mid Term departure terms, fees and charges are included in your lease documentation.
6Do you accept credit cards?
No, but we do accept other types of electronic payments including PopMoney and ClearXchange. The most convenient is PopMoney which is now offered by most major banks. If your bank doesn’t offer it, you can sign up at PopMoney.com to use it but only if your bank offers online banking.
7Do roommates have separate leases?
No, we don’t rent by the room and we don’t accept payment from those who are not financially responsible on the lease.
8Will I get any of my Security Deposit back when I leave?
We won’t tell you that tenants don’t have any charges when they leave. Some do, but we also want you to get your Security Deposit back so we communicate clearly on our departure terms and expectations and if there are charges we let you know as soon as we can.